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Important info on Great Danes 


The puppies are CKC. They are  1200.00 with out papers and 1500.00 with papers and breeding rights, unless different prices noted for special  pups. If you pickup the pup take 100.00 off the price. If we deliver or meet 1/2 way then we will work out a price to drop off the pup. We deliver to the states right round Pa. If you are past them call us and we will try to work some thing out. You can get papers for free if you give us a letter from a vet saying he/she was spade/neutered and copy of the bill that you have her/him fixed. We take cash. We can take payments but the pup has to be paid for before they leave here. Payments can be broken up into 4 payments. Payments must be made in a max of two months or until the pups is 9 weeks old. One payment per every two weeks. 

One big thing you need to know. Do not get a great dane fixed until they are 1 - 1.5 years old. General advice can be confusing because smaller breeds can perform these surgeries as early as a few months of age. However, research and anecdotal evidence indicate that spaying or neutering Great Danes too soon is detrimental to their long-term health. Great Danes grow at an incredible rate in the first year of life. By postponing this procedure you give their bodies the necessary time to develop. This includes physical and hormonal development; the latter being especially important. They need the hormones to build the bones and muscle mass to support their size. The pup will also have the dew claws removed and their 1st set of shots

We are in Spraggs PA.