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Welcome To Greene Acres Great Danes. 


 Last time updated  10/04/2022 



Hoss is looking for a new home.







This is the sad and down side of breeding. There are times when you have to let some of your dogs go. You can only keep so many.  We keep the females from our girls from  the stud that we have at the time to replace the older ones that are retired. So from time to time we need to get a new stud. So, Hoss is looking for a new home. He will be two in July. He has been neutered. He is CKC. He is up to date on shots. He is a good boy who likes to be around people. He can be protective. He has not been round small kids. I don't know how he will act.  So I would not put him in a house with small kids. Not sure how he will be round small dogs. He may have problems with un-neutered male dogs. He has no problem with our cats. He love cars ride and does well in Tractor Supply. Hoss is going for 1000.00 We spent 2k for him.    



A Dane pup from a breeder I know came back with problems because the people that got him did not listen to the breeder as to what and what not to feed them. He needs a home and some one that will help him get back to normal. He is going to need lot's of TLC and work. He is free. Here is the story. 


Video of him here.


To get hold of the breeder about this pup. Message for more info.




And yes he is very skinny. But we are not rushing his growing that hi pro food was more than likely the culprit.!!!
BOOMHAUER>>>> Boomer came back to us a month ago. His owner was feeding hi protein food. He developed either HOD or Pano. One vet says one, one says the other. Both conditions are about the same. HORRIBLE for the puppy. The puppy cannot walk during crisis mode. Has to be carried everywhere. Anyway, in Boomers case it has caused severe joint swelling in all 4 knees, and very weak back legs. UNKNOWN if permanent Took him to vet again Friday. Vet says swim swim swim, and then swim some more. He needs non weight bearing strengthening of muscles. He said in 2 mos. He “MAY” come out of it. BUT, since dogs paddle with the front, he is not 100% sure if will solve his crooked legs. He does NOT recommend Bracing. ( I cannot find any info on this. Now comes the dilemma…..He needs someone with a pool or pond. I am at a loss. he needs a family who can swim him. he has been thru the rough phase I hope. May or may not happen again. (the high fever, inability to walk, no eating, and PAIN )...... Nothing is known for sure with Hod or pano dogs. Here is a link on this disease, HOD
and here is his walk. he plays like crazy here if allowed, he will overdo it if allowed. We have 8 other dogs. Who he continually starts stuff with. His ass can't back up his body. I want what’s best for him. So does his owner. She doesn’t think she is it. Right now, Vet does not know his outcome. He needs weight put back on, BUT SLOWLY, no hi pro food!!!!! You may or may not have extra vet bills. 14 ish years ago had ALMOST same issue with 2 pups who were also fed HI pro dog food. Both dogs came out of it with no issues or swollen joints and lived to be 10 & 13 no further issues. (totally different bloodlines) but their case caught early, bedrest, fluids, pain meds etc etc and of course the dog food changed. Boomer had a SEVERE case. He is eating well now, but still very skinny.



Silvia had a litter of puppies. I don't have them up on the website yet but you can see them here on our FB page. Here are all 9.    And here are the ones that are still looking for a home. Here.





He found a home.


We have one pup left that need a forever home. We dropped the price from 1100.00 to 1000.00 with no papers and you pick up here on the farm. He had their 2ed set of shots and dew claws removed. He is 13 weeks old. Can go home now.




Contact me for info. e-mail 

On FB at our group Our Great Danes Puppies and message

Don Welshans or my wife Cynthia Queen for info.

Or call 1-724-435-7912. (this number is a land line.)




Five Pups have home's. Three are still looking for their forever home. 

You can see them here


 We had a litter of pups on 2/14/2022. April had 9 baby's. April's last litter was to be her last but we all most lost her when she was on the table to be spade. Before we could try again to have her spaded we had a unauthorized romantic moment. Sooo Here we are. LOL You can see her pups here. And to see them the day they were born go to our FB group and see them here .




Past litters from last year



Silvia had her puppies on 4/16/2021. You can see pictures of mom and pup's here. Maya's pups born 4/25/2021 are up on the website. Go here. Aprils pups from 5-11-2021 go here.




 Sylvia  puppies.                   Mays's puppies                  Aprils pups


So you are looking into getting a Great Dane.  Our Girls are CKC out of AKC stock.. Our Stud Teddy is AKC. Our Danes are the American Great Dane. But our Danes do have some European blood in them. There is a difference between the American Great Dane and the European Great Dane. For more info on that check out this write up. Here 




Stop on by our facebook group.



Contact me for info. e-mail 

On FB at our group Our Great Danes Puppies and message

Don Welshans or my wife Cynthia Queen for info.

Or call 1-724-435-7912. (this number is a land line.)